Fine Art Gallery

Ivy House Fine Art gallery is located within Ivy House Weddings, one of Western Garden’s two reception venues in Salt Lake. Our timeless and classy venue’s ambiance compliments our Utah fine art exhibits, not only for art collectors but also guests while attending all types of events.

The gallery features a variety of quality Utah artists including Kimbal Warren, Frank Huff, Susan Gallacher, Rob Colvin, our current featured artist Cejay Helt, and others. Be sure to note our permanent art exhibit – Prehistoric Fossils spotted throughout our limestone tile floor.

Find Ivy House Fine Art due west of Trolley Square and you’ll enjoy Western Garden’s close and free parking. Drop by for a visit during regular business hours. Please call prior to visit to confirm no event is in progress. No gallery viewings during reserved social events.

Discover who’s painting in our gardens or what’s happening at the gallery. Like us on our separate Facebook page.

~ Learn more about CEJAY HELT, our featured artist ~